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mid west or gulf coast. bigger picture is very hard to get, even for the government. california energy commission says 2012 has been a record year for the number of spice prices. senator mark leno went searching for answers to why and to ask if the state can do more to protect consumers. it's not the first hearing but the first time we've heard this. >> we seem to have information that there was ongo prog dux. >> oregon based consultant says his analysis of environmentalg÷ emissions suggests in may, shell's martinez plant was making gasoline for one of the two weeks it claimed to have been shut down. chevron richmond refinery supposed to be shut down two weeks in may, but mcculla says data shows it's never shut down. but with those shut downs real
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or fabricated and the richmond fire, he says he cannot explain the record setting october price spike. >> there is no evidence of disaster here. why did they and quite frankly, i can't explain it. >> the western state petroleum association shot back the conclusions were based on third party information from the bay area air quality management district,nbz2u not fm refineries themselves. that there is no evidence refineries were operating when shut downs for maintenance. there are multiple disruptions that caused disruption to west coast gas splices and is there no price fixing scheme. mull culla believe there's is a need for more transparency, possibly more regulation. >> what we have on gasoline and oil is a situation where data is weak, enforcement is
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weak, access is weak. >> the director of uc berkeley california energy institute feels more regulation is not the answer. his solution is to allow californians to buy some of that dirtier gas that the rest of the country use but put a surcharge on it. use the money to buy back polluting cars from pre1976 era. >> a lot more questions than answers here, too. thank you very much. important developments from the san francisco 49ers. the head coach is treated for a heart condition. team coverage tonight. larry beil is in the,%÷ ruse nus room. you first, please, larry. >> jim har. baugh talked with team doctors they felt it would be best if he got treated immediately. he underwent what the team is
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describing as a minor procedure. players told about this this morning. they had no idea anything might be wrong with their head coach. >> to me, he stood behind me and steam seemed fine. know anything is wrong. i am saying we know he's going to be all right. >> we're playing for him. we heard everything is good. so... we're all happy. and... i think that he'll want us to finish practice, go out there, and work hard. >> the 48-year-old is expected to be back at the facility tomorrow. >> thank you. abc 7 news is live at 49ers headquarters now. leanne, do we know what procedure harbaugh had? >> he had a procedure for irregular heartbeat. doctors say this is caused by
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a condition caused known as a tree yil defibrillation. the chief of cardiology at ucsf has no information about the coach's condition he says it can elevate a patient's risk of stroke. >> it is the top chambers are justtjç have a rapid rhythm. it causes them to flutter, to go fast. then, bottom chambers follow because top chambers are beating so fast. >> he says mild cases are typically treated with medication, ranging from pass ( to antistroke drug. electric stimulation is applied to the patient chest under anesthesia to shock the start's -- heart ace pulses back into sync. >> we put patches on front and
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back. just push a button, it delivers a jolt to your heart and it restores it back to normal. >> again, we don't know the kind of procedure the coach had today, what we do know is that he will be here tomorrow as 49ers training facility. >> thank you. >> update now on developing news from midland texas. four veterans dead, 17 injured, 10 critically after a train slammed into a parade float. we first brought you this story on abc 7 news at 5:00. the crash happened around 4:30 this afternoon. a spokesman says the train was sounding a horn before it hit the float. and we believe all veterans involved were already wounded. they were supposed to be treated to a deer hunt this
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weekend. after that parade to, thank them for sacrifice, we'll continue to bring you the latest on this developing story on abc 7 >> a worker says old age is likely the reason for a water main break this afternoon in san francisco. about 4:00 today, crews capped the main. the water poured out from under the sidewalk. no homes were damaged. service remains shut off. n after his motorcycle collided with a car today, sky 7 and investigators collecting evidence''aó at the scene. the crash happened just afternoon. the officer was ride together scene of another accident. no one else was injured.
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>> advocates for the disabled sued over conditions at the santa rita jail. advocates first notified the office two years ago about on sta kems. many find themselves unable to use toilets because they are unacceptable. they want the jail to comply with laws. >> what we'd like them to do is work with experts and the plaintiffs and actually with inmates to come to a solution. >> officials declined to &) not yet examined this. >> just heart breaking story here. a single mother is making a plea tonight and begging to twheefz took the urn holding her baby's ashes.
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this urn contains the remains of her infant son who died this year. her her home was ransacked wednesday night, you can see the mess sherks says thieves took electronics, jewelry, and her kids christmas gifts. she knows she'll likely never see the material things again but she desperately wants that urn back. >> violated my house and my children by coming in here0oc> police will take information by phone, or through text tip line. that could be done anonymously. >> a plan to raise cost of registering your car in california could soon be in the works in sacramento. with the democrats new super majority, there are doubts lawmakers will be able to push
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of the powers to the legislature, a group called transportation california asked state senator to introduce legislation to triple the vehicle license fee you pay when registering your car. >> they want it to be a constitutional amendment so voters will still have to approve it. it's 1.35% of the value of the vehicle and could raise $4 billion a year for road repair and public trance yismt both have been under funded for years we think it's time to try to address the repair needs. >> the car tax is a touchy subject about w.californians, this led to the schwartzeneggar's victory as governor. he promised to repeal the law. and he did, on the first day on the job.
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we couldn't find many people who would agree to pay more, even fit meant better roads. >> so you triple my tax for car. and just taking food out of my kids' mouths.. >> that is a lot. two weeks of groceries for me. don't want that to happen. >> voters just approved a income tax increase on the wealthy to save california schools. poll sisters say another tax measure probably won't stand a chance. >> this would be hard for voters, particularly if we're seeing our revenue numbers improving to think it's time to vest another tax. >> democratic leaders often point to the repeal of the tripled car tax, they're less than enthoous thuz yaftic about restoring it. >> i do not think we ought to start the year and lead off
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with more taxs.. >> the senator is in training this week, we're told he's aware of the potential backlash that this tax measure could have. >> live doppler 7 will show you rain is on the way. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it's on the way. you can see showers just off shore moving into our direction. and when we can expect to sea rain moving over land areas in just a moment. >> vic lee is live tonight with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> a big battle brewing here, they expect several hundred people here, it's all about a 7-11 said you'lled to open. they're fighting it. the story is coming up. >> bakery workers waiting to find out whether the strike will spell the end of the twinkie. >> and abc 7 news rides along to se
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a new 7-11 set to open in san mateo. how long it will stay open, or whether it will be allowed to open at all is the reason the story is in the headlines. vic lee is live to explain this problem. the counsel may make a decision tonight. is that right? >> people hope they will make that decision tlchl is only one item on the agenda. it's that 7-11. they expect several hundred people to show up here at city
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hall and about an hour, most of them are part of an organized effort to stop that 7-is 1. some 200 people signed petitions askingxx, the city to stop the 7-11 from opening. they don't want a convenience store that is open all night. >> this is a high use market.biv people will come in in all hours of the day. >> they say the store permits slid through the planning department without going through appropriate process. >> they gave month notice of that. no legal process to that. >> the land originally designated as a residential zone. the old was a deli.
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iolates a zoning code saying when it has been discontinue order abandoned for six months it should revert back to president den shall. the building has been vacant nearly tw years. and the director believes it boils down to one sixth. >> what is that definition after band onment? >> saying the new landlord made repairs to the interior of the deli. that showed they weren't abandoning the building. >> they were continuing to market it and keep knit good repair. >> neighbors point out this other word, discontinued. business discontinued more than six months. two weeks ago planning commission determined the store would have a negative impact on the neighborhood. and it's recommend together
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city council that they allow the store to operate five years. that does not april ease neighbors.. >> we can't change the damage going to occur by that point. so our effort to try to stop it in the first place. >> the city says it's done traffic should studys showing there won't be a significant increase in the number of cars. name neighbors are not convinced. our calls to the developer were not returned. >> getting from point a to b almost always involves your smart phone these days and. abc 7 reporter explains competition is heating up with a new competitor. >> weaving through the streets this volkswagon with cameras and spinning laser beams is about to give google and apple a prun for money. >> we're creating a 3 d
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representation of the world as we're doing this. >> this seechber vp at nokia. his boss now, bringing map was an appqpao/ auld called here uke representations of the building. and you can see inside of the building. >> here stores the map on the fochblt instead of slowly down loading it, imit comes on a windows phone. and soon as an app for the iphone. unlike apple, whose imagery comes from the sky, this offers a view from the street. like google maps. >> that is detail not available from aerial.
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>> nokia throwing its hat in the ring when smart phone owners may be more aware all apps are not created equal.4lu >> huge embarrass many for apple creating opportunities for competitors. >> venture beat says it may represent a press prit nuf they've fallen behind makers of black berry. and maps is one of the things they still have that they haven't screwed up. oof we've got another big map we want to take a look at and show you.26áz÷ it has to do with radar. >> yes. under cloudy skies we don't see rainfall in front of the lens now but there are showers. they're moving closer, coming
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hours we'll see rainfall developing here in the bay area. we've got areas of moisture, now as you loop this to show you, as this area of moisture moves closer it's weakening a little bit. so it's]f6a÷ losing some punch. later we'll see a punch from approaching rainfall to satisfy this. these are the forecast features, light showers after midnight. periods of rain through sunday morning and continuing throughout the week. we're in an active period. overnight tonight, showers, again, low temperatures into low 50s so mild overnight tonight. here is a satellite image showing an area of low pressure off shore. counterclockwise circulation sweeping air around the southwest. it's bringing showers up
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tonight. it will be mainly dry with some pockets of moisture. but shortly after midnight we'll see waves of steadier rainfall developing. by should see better organize td rain moving in to the north bay as well as through san francisco. throughout the day, pockets of showers and rainfall. by 10:00 what can be an area of thunderstorm activity. by 1:00 a.m. into saturday morning another area of rainfall and phone shallly thunderstorms. , next wave of showers and rain moving in mid morning saturday. that is touching all parts of the bay area.
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behind that front cooler air. sunday there could be trailing showers behind that front. rainfall totals, could reach up to two and a half inches in the north bay mountains. up to an inch and a half on the peninsula. you can see we're going get a decent soaking. your three day forecast calls for a mix of rain and snow friday and saturday. sundaydoá÷ snow drops down to 6,000 fee. showery, mild, highs low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. mild weather throughout the forecast period. it's going to be wet tomorrow and saturday. ¢utx
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>> size is good. wire excited we're going to have fresh crab for thanksgiving. >> well, fishermen walked away
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with $3,000 for the catch. inspectors there to make sure no females were trapped. that is what you're watching there. inspection process. crab shoulding hitting stores by this weekend. >> food banks and other charities are in dire need this thanksgiving. they're very short of turkeys. >> the situation in san jose being echoed across the bay area, sake kret hard provides food with a turkey and thousands will not get there this year unless more donations are received. they begin handing out holiday boxes on monday. >> still to come escalating violence we're going to show some of the military action that could lead to war in israel. >> and following up on the new gaming system here for the holidays.
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there is a late development in the case of an east bay man beaten to death about i a trespasser while he waited for police. the family is suing for wrongful death, personal injury. an intruder attacked with a large power -- flower pot. he called police and they did not initially respond because they were monitoring a protest. ju
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two dozen workers are in oakland waiting to findaññf out whether they will have jobs this time, next week. union peb members striking against hostess, the plant makes bred and also a distribution center for hostess. they're asking workers to take a pay cut and a cut if benefits, telling them to return to work tonight. >> come back and you know, sit down. bargain with us. it's up to them. >> teamsters have an agreement so they're back to work. right? yes. they are back to work. they did accept the contract. >> does that hurt your position? >> no. >> ceo says workers do not like the package being offered they should find work else wr.
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hostess announced it will decide whether to liquid date. >> video game makers bring out releases and this year there are three major video game consoles fighting for a spot in your living room.q tonight how the wi. stacks up against the competition. >> dan will end up buying them. video games aren't just a hobby but his job. as editor and chief of games beat he's require to have had this play station 3 and two x boxes is and will be in line for the anyone nendo wii-u. >> i think they're doing something right by trying something different. >> it's the first home gaming console with a touch screen controller with graphics and games missing from the original nintendo wii. >> they're going to have a tough time with this. >> microsoft x box 360 and
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play station three have been out for a few years, followers are fiercely loyal. >> this is one, two. three. >> would there be anything to get to you switch? >> this is extreme it will have game was blood and bullets nintendo has been good at working for familis.. >> i'm a single man. >> so which is best? there is no clear answer. it depends on what you plan to do with it. >> between x skbochl play stations three they're comparable in terms of power and what kind of things they play. they have family friendly stuff. they're both more well known for hard core stuff he says if you want to play john lineonk;,x box could be the choice. he says x box live is the thriving service but will cost you $50 a year.
6:35 pm
both let you watch let flix, and hulu plus, he says the play station is more elegant to watch movies on. also has more games so what about the wii-u? >> you have a family, kids, it's probably the best way to go. you know they're going to be there. you know mario goubo,s= have a time on wii. >> but the war is heating up just as a major change is happening. games moving from sofa to cell fochblt becoming cheap, free. he wonders how much longer they will be able to survive. >> yeah. >> coming up next, a new exhibit at san francisco
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legion of honor. >> first collaboration with one of
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a collection of rare
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french royal treasures goes on display on saturday. >> yes. the first in a new agreement between lourve and paris in the fine arts museum. >> don sanchez has the story. >> they're delicate, bold, stunning, dazzling. works of art from the time of louie the 14th through the french revolution. >> they were just always buying art to try to have the best in every field. >> they commissioned work, too. president and the lourve signed a major accord for a series of exhibitions and exchanges between two cities for the next five years. what the mayor ed lee calls part of the goal to broadent city's international standings. >> the relationship that is forthed with our sister7nxe÷ cis is refrekted in the strong exchanges that are going on. >> so now, we take this exploration into the world of
6:40 pm
french artists. to pleesh yait. >> you look carefully at this. and to see what kind of history they tell. it's a history of france. from 14th to the french revolution. it's also an history of taste. >> this is about french royalty. it's the first time we've seen these works outside of france.m the kings would move some from palace to palace. >> this is a lot of back and forth. >> results showing only in san francisco.n 39 more still to come from paris. >> spectacular. >> just ahead here tonight, little camera making a big
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splash. >> yes. thanks to a surfer built a fa
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>> let's talk about a tiny video camera taking the sports world by storm. the company started here in the bay area. but a local surfer looking for a better shot. you'll meet the man who turned that camera on athletes. professional athletes have a new view in the sports they love. it's all because this guy made a splash with a tiny camera. nick woodman is behind the go pro camera. 800,000 sold last year, he tested out the newest camera in nicaragua, providing this
6:45 pm
video. he came wupt small water proof cameras. >> i was in between jobs and didn't know what i wanted to do with my life. so looking for inspifration. i decided to go on a surf trip. >> that is in 2002. >> i went to work on a camera i can wear on the wrist. photos and cost just $20 sold in surf owe shops. woodman borrowed money to build inventory and cut costs my bimodeling on packaging. calling it go pro hero. >> i thought well what does the camera do? it helps you capture photos and videos that make you look like a hero he realized full phone shall of the camera.
6:46 pm
>> in racing school she the wanted to charge me 100s for a half hour to rent the video camera. i thought that is crazy. >> in 2007, he turned his still camera into a video camera and put it on the market. users snapped them up. strapping them to bikes, boats, cars, helmets, and pets. >> one favorite video is from teenager in the uk who built a weather bat yoo.0zllç ap@r sentt into near space with a toy robot. >> the newest cameras are hd. and some connect to iphone. you can see what you're shooting. the company released a model coming with a remote. based on data itest hates it owns 90% of the rugged market.
6:47 pm
woodman says the company is looking for ways to improve products and is still amazed by how popular it's become. >> this is so far beyond by mi vision for go pro. i just wanted to help surfers capture photos while surfing. >> it'sp5jve further]l5 than that. not just athletes are finding use for the cameras, they can go everywhere big cameras can't. the director james cameron used one to explore the did he haveth -- depths of the ocean. >> just remarkable. >> let's check on the forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7. pockets of moisture just off shore. it's likely a sprinkle or two from this moisture could arrive before steadier rainfall arrives. you can see looping image you can see they approach land.
6:48 pm
we do expect rainfall. rain to arrive here, tomorrow, state wide a rainy day. driest mildest weather down in southern california. highs into 60s tomorrow, pockets of rainfall, here is the accu-weather forecast. wet tomorrow, wet saturday. maybe a thunderstorm or two as we transition from friday night into saturday morning. areas of rainxae÷ sunday partil clearing and chance of rain just about every day next week. let's talk about food drive. most food banks do not have enough to go around yet. if you can give you'll help make thanksgiving special f you get 35 meals or equivalent name here on the 6:00 news. here are tonight's donors.
6:49 pm
elizabeth daily 50. and lawrence valovo, 35 meals. to donate we have the food drive coming up. this is to go to abc 7 to find out where it will be located. >> thank you, spencer. >> 49ers have seen more than their share of hospitals this week. jim harbaugh's heart. >> how thek!q)
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two 49ers involved with dodgers this week. >> it's odd but niner was a different health concern.
6:53 pm
jim harbaugh treat forward an irregular heartbeat. some conditions are stress related some not. we do not know which the coach was being treated for. coaching in nl is amongst the most-stressful jobs you can have. the coach known for his intensity. niner players say they had no idea anything was wrong and they expect he's going to be fine. >> this is is a bunch of great coaches here that keep everything on track. and we're going practice as if he was here. >> there is no dourt that he's going bab back. >> alex smith in practice but without contact. there is chicago dealing with
6:54 pm
a concussion to the quarterback. jay cutler is questionable meaning former raider jason campel may get the start. >> so i don't think he's willing to risk his livelihood. for this one game. especially if it's a long season. there are plenty ofí:sçames head. >> after returning from a injury, buster posey was named national league most valuable player. surrounded by family and friends, announcement came as owe posey was attending a charity event in georgia. posey becomes first to win at ward since johnny bench did it 40 years ago.
6:55 pm
24 homers. >> it's tough to put into words. it's an accomplishment to share with the giants organization. so i'm fortunate to play in san francisco. won't be more honored to have my name alongside the previous winners. to win in 45 years. mikeá[£p montgomery may have landed the next great bird. bird is a program changer, sixty-six, lead together state title as a junior. who fans will remember his dad,
6:56 pm
averaging 15 points per game for the bears. have you seen this? a bicycle kick from 30 yards out. that is unbelievable. by the way, fans call him the hahn with a mathal cal nose, also a magical foot. this sports report brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> remarkable. >> yes. yes. >> this is like ballet. >> join me tonight, coming up, it is the biggest claire up in the israeli plin violence in years, how a company is opening a new front. >> you can see why tonight the
6:57 pm
potential danger, what you need to know to keep the family safe. join us for those stories and more. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the abc 7 news team qñ >> thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our second group of semifinalists -- a high-school a.p. english teacher ery, alabama... ...a high-school french teacher from chesterfield, virginia... ...and a high-school science and history teacher from baltimore, maryland... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. alex trebek! welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second of our semifinal matches. the sciences are going to be represented in the final next monday and tuesday. has already won his game, and, to show you how bright i am, there will be one woman in the final, as well. it will be marion, marcia, and kate --

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